About compact


Over the years the business scenarios have undergone phenomenal metamorphosis, setting new trends and dimensions, especially in the wake of Globalization which has thrown open large vistas abroad and as a sequel thereto, calls for competitiveness and competency at the international level.

While time is the essence, there is no compromise on quality and cost-effectiveness is equally important. Business management needs to be constantly refined the changing market dynamics.

Gone are the days of “DO EVERYTHING MYSELF”. Associated participation is the order of the day, where, while keeping the core activity confined to in-house, the other peripheral and routine activities are outsourced to a competent associated party.


  • Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients
  • Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth
  • Worry about enviroment according to latest industry standard
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, acurate and cost-effective service
  • Living up to highest industry standards